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Is It Worth It To Get A Generator?

February 9, 2024 | Blog

Why Use A Generator?

Are you thinking about installing a backup generator for your home? A lot of homeowners disregard generators only to beg for them as soon as a storm hits and the power goes out.

If you’re still on the fence about a backup generator, Foulks Southern Air would like to tell you more. We’ll cover the advantages of generators and how you can approach installing one for your home.

Is A Backup Generator A Waste Of Money?

Anyone can benefit from owning a backup generator, but homeowners in Louisiana could use one more than most. Louisiana’s subtropical climate makes us particularly susceptible to thunderstorms, hurricanes and flooding, so we’re no stranger to power outages.

It’s no wonder then that so many people choose to install backup generators. A generator is a wise financial investment for any Louisiana homeowner. Some would even view it as a necessity while living in the state, with how common storms are.

When you live with a backup generator, you live knowing that your comfort and peace of mind will be unaffected by power outages, letting you relax even amid a nasty storm.

The Benefits Of Owning A Generator

Backup generators are great to have, but you might be wondering in what specific ways one can improve your home life. A generator’s main purpose is to protect you from the problems associated with power outages.

Because they’re so situational, some homeowners neglect the importance of generators — but this only leads to regret when the next case of bad weather comes.

Power No Matter The Hour

Electricity is not so much a comfort today as it is a necessity. When the really bad storms hit and knock out power for up to several days, it becomes clear how much we rely on it.

Knowing this — and while living in one of the stormiest states in the country — why take the risk and not use a backup generator?

A backup generator will keep your power online throughout those harsh storms. This can help you by:

  • Retaining your home’s heating and cooling
  • Keeping appliances and refrigeration working
  • Allowing remote work to continue uninterrupted

There are plenty of other ways that keeping your power on will help you and your home. No one wants to be left in the dark!

Safety And Security

We rely on electricity for our own safety too. At night, pitch-black darkness can make your house a dangerous place. Your home security system won’t work when the power goes out, which leaves you vulnerable.

If you own a sump pump and it goes offline, it won’t be able to protect you from floods. The longer you go without power, the greater the danger you might face, so using a backup generator is essential for maintaining safety.

Uninterrupted Comfort

As it turns out, what most homeowners associate with power outages is a loss of comfort — whether it be no heating, cooling, appliance failure or food spoilage.

When you own a generator, you don’t have to worry about these problems when a storm hits. You can put an end to these inconveniences with a new generator installation with Foulks Southern Air.

Living With A Backup Generator

So, you’re thinking about getting a backup generator — what now? There are plenty of things to consider with generators, such as the fuel source and how large your home is. It’s also worth knowing how you’ll need to operate and maintain the unit to retain maximum efficiency.

Operating Your Generator Safely

Your generator should be kept dry and provided with good ventilation. This helps prevent any damage and significantly lowers risks such as gas exposure. Because of the importance of ventilation, a generator should be installed and kept outdoors and never in an enclosed area.

Your unit will require maintenance tasks such as changing the filters and inspecting components. Neglecting this will reduce the unit’s efficiency and can lead to breakdowns. When it comes to repairs, the best and safest way to address them is with professional help from Foulks Southern Air.

What Do Home Generators Run On?

Your generator can and will have environmental impacts, and this largely depends on your model’s fuel source. Units that use gas or diesel produce greenhouse gasses, while those using natural gas do so at a reduced rate.

Solar generators — while more costly and situational — produce no emissions and can sometimes even be safe in enclosed spaces.

When considering your new generator model, a consultation with a technician from Foulks Southern Air can help pinpoint the right unit for you.

Get Your Generator Installed Right

If you can remember the last power outage you experienced, then you can likely also recall that desire for the power to magically turn back on. With a backup generator installed by Foulks Southern Air, you can skip that step and not lose power in the first place.

Our team of technicians can guarantee a quality installation, on top of answering any questions about generators you might have. Give us a call today!

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