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HVAC Myths That Are NOT Helping Warm Your Home

January 26, 2022 | Blog

Perhaps you’re told space heaters are more energy-efficient than your furnace, or that it’s cheaper to use a fireplace than to tamper with your thermostat. Unfortunately, many of these HVAC myths cost you precious money and warmth.

It’s best to rely on professionals for information about your heating system and how to care for it. Through regular furnace maintenance appointments, our team at Foulks Southern Air can keep your heater running as smoothly as possible — meaning you won’t need any strange life hacks to stay toasty.

Here are some of the most popular HVAC myths, accompanied by more accurate furnace tips to effectively warm your home.

The Most Popular Heater Myths

Myth #1: Space Heaters Save More Energy Than Your Furnace

Many homeowners don’t know the truth about space heater efficiency. This myth perpetuates the idea that a space heater serves as a long-term, low-cost substitute for your central heating system.

Fact: If you’re feeling particularly chilly, space heaters are a harmless, short-term solution. However, space heaters are not nearly as cost-efficient as your HVAC system, meaning you could end up with a startlingly high electric bill. If you notice your main system isn’t maintaining an adequate temperature, your money is better spent on a furnace repair appointment.

Myth #2: Fireplaces Keep You Warm For Less Money

Similar to space heaters, fireplaces have been falsely touted as a cheap alternative to your typical heater.

Fact: Fireplaces are actually one of the most inefficient ways to heat your home. You’ll need quite a bit of firewood to warm multiple rooms, which will probably cost more than simply bumping up your thermostat. Chimneys can also worsen heat loss in the winter months. That being said, lighting the fireplace is still a fun way to get cozy and comfy. It just isn’t the most economical way.

Myth #3: Turning The Thermostat All The Way Up Will Make It Warm Faster

Some homeowners believe that turning the thermostat to the highest temperature will impact how quickly their heater functions.

Fact: Much like repeatedly hitting an elevator button, meddling with your thermostat won’t actually make your heater work faster. In fact, you may expend unnecessary energy by setting the thermostat to a sizzling temperature you don’t really want. You’re better off simply boosting the thermostat to a reasonable temperature, than patiently waiting for your heater to work its magic.

Myth #4: It’s Cheaper To Keep Your Indoor Temperature Consistent

Many people think it’s best not to touch your thermostat at all, as turning the temperature up will lead to higher heater costs, while turning it down will lead to higher AC costs.

Fact: Leaving your indoor temperature exactly the same throughout the day can be very, very expensive. You save more money by using the least amount of energy possible, and your heating system requires less energy when indoor and outdoor temperatures are similar.

In other words, it’s best to keep your thermostat as close to outdoor temperatures as you’re comfortable with, which will likely change throughout the day. This method also limits your environmental emissions.

Myth #5: Filters Only Need To Be Changed Annually

Homeowners tend to only think about their heating system’s filters once or twice a year. Consequently, they rarely replace their filters, which can spell disaster for their HVAC system.

Fact: Filters may not seem that important, but they are integral to the health of your furnace. Your system’s filters should be changed every 90 days to avoid long-term damage or clogs.

It’s best to rely on professionals for information about your heating system and how to care for it. Through regular furnace maintenance appointments, the team at Foulks Southern Air can keep your heater running as smoothly as possible meaning you won’t need any strange life hacks to stay toasty.

The Best Furnace Tip For Staying Warm

While the above advice is useful, one simple tip trumps them all: schedule regular furnace maintenance appointments. Tune-ups ensure your heating system is running as efficiently as possible, keeping your family warm and your wallet full.

Contact us at Foulks Southern Air Heating & Cooling to schedule a maintenance appointment today!

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